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What is Detox?
Detox is a modern way of life, a good attitude to the own body. For uns besides exercise and relaxation also a balanced diet belongs to it.

Why should I take a detox powder? 
There are several reasons why a detox can be useful for you:
  1. Because you you often feel tired and without energy.
  2. Because you feel that your body needs a reboot.
  3. Because you feel heavier than you really are.
  4. Because you actually are already living healthy but you are looking for that certain indefinable something
A detox supports a healthy lifestyle and can help to maintain your wellbeing.

Why is there no information on the effects of the products?
The market for dietary supplements is subject to very strict guidelines. According to the EU regulations the so-called "Health Claims" aim to protect consumers from misleading health claims. At first glance, this sounds very positive, but...

In September 2010 the EU Commission decided not tho continue the examination of health claims on herbal substances, the so-called Botanicals. Since the Commission and Member States need more time for a final decision on this issue, the health claims on plant materials were initially deferred. Therefore since 2010 (!) almost 2,000 herbal ingredients wait to be reviewed by the EU. Only after this review it will be clear what kind of health claims may be made. We hope that the European Feed Safety Authority - EFSA will timely take care of the issue of Botanicals and official statements will be possible again.

That is the reason why we do not make positive health claims neither on our website, nor on our product labels nor in our advertising. Therefore we recommend that regardless of our website you read up on the particular ingredients.

Information about the products

How do the detox powders taste?
The flavor of chlorella, spirulina and barley grass is often perceived as an acquired taste. Therefore we have incorporated in our products particularly aromatic and tasty ingredients, thus creating three different, harmonious flavors. Unusual flavorings were complemented and completed by familiar ones.
  • DETOX DOG contains anise and fennel and tastes on the whole. If you like Anis, you are exactly right here!

  • CLEANSE CAT contains in addition to the rather tasteless main ingredients psyllium, chia seeds and flax seed also anise, fennel and prickly pear. The latter, in particular, the anise, lends the mixture a pleasant sweet taste.

  • DETOX FOX is slightly bitter in taste, due to the algae chlorella and spirulina. But compared with powders of other manufacturers, each containing only chlorella and/or spirulina, DETOX FOX tastes relatively neutral. If you mix the powder in fruit juices or smoothies the taste will even be further neutralized.

Why are the products only available as powder and not as tablets?
We deliberately decided to offer our products not as tablets but as loose powder. The production of tablets and capsules is more expensive, and significantly less ingredients can be filled compared to powder. For taking our daily amount (1 teaspoon) with DETOX FOX and DETOX DOG you would need eight 500 mg capsules, at CLEANSE CAT even 16 pieces! The price-performance ratio is best in powder, so that you will benefit as a customer. In addition, we can thus ensure that no additives and fillers as mangesium stearate are used.

Are the products intended for pets?
Granted: Nutritional supplements for pets acutally do exist! But our products are inteded for humans and not for animals! The fact that we have animals on our packaging is that we find them beautiful and like them. That is why we also donate a portion of our proceeds to personally selected animal welfare organizations. You can find out more on the "About Us" page.

What is the quality of the products?
We place great emphasis on high-quality ingredients and on the adherence of strict safety and quality standards. Therefore our DETOX ZOO products are manufactured in Germany by professional food manufacturers and they are continuously checked. It is very important for us that with our products we offer only the highest quality, not least because because we also use it!

Do the detox powder contain flavorings or additives?
Out of conviction we use no flavorings or cheap additives such as maltodextrin.

Are there some more animals planned for DETOX ZOO?
Well combined! We actually do plan to create other detox products shortly. For future information register in our newsletter below at the bottom.

Information about ordering and shipping

What are the advantages of shipping through Amazon?
The entire process of ordering, payment and delivery will be handled quickly and easily via Amazon: Usually you will receive your order within 1-2 business days and you do not have to register to purchase on another online platform.

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