Everyday life is getting faster and the demands and expectations of all of us are rising. That is also what we noticed a few years ago. With increasing stress we were always tired, ill-tempered and less energetic.

We wondered how we could do our bodies and our souls something good, to make us feel better again in our skin. And since we are not big friends of pills and drugs, at some point we ended in herbal supplements. We tried a variety of powders and blended superfoods in our smoothies.

Inspired by our positive experiences we started to create our own products with our favorite ingredients. Harmony in content and taste was the goal. After much trial and error, extensive sample tastings with friends and family, and in consultation with food experts, we are now very happy with the results.

We are convinced that detox can and should be fun! This can also be seen on our product packaging. Because we are big animal lovers, we donate a small portion of our revenues of the year to animal welfare organizations. On the one hand it is about sponsorships for orphaned fox cubs, who are fostered and nursed in a sanctuary by the institution "Frecher Fuchs". On the other hand we decided to support the organizations "Hunderettung-Aktiv" and "Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V.", who made it their job to help dogs and cats in need.

Love from Cologne and and enjoy DETOXing! 🙂


Although Jan is a German Diplom-Kaufmann (Business School Graduate) he still can not bind a tie knot without instruction! Fortunately, for such things there is also internet and Jan knows it very well! Therefore at DETOX ZOO Jan is particularly responsible for everything related to website, onlinemarketing, onlinestore and more. He also loves to think and plan strategically, at best with the latest online tools! Incidentally Jan sometimes also eats some unhealthy things. Then there is trouble with Dominique ...and one serving of DETOX DOG extra! 😉


Dominique is the heart of DETOX ZOO, as it is especially important to her that the team is doing well. Moreover also animals are close to her heart - that is why the idea to donate a portion of the sales proceeds to animal welfare comes from her. At DETOX ZOO Dominique takes particularly care of product development, purchasing, PR and anything else that has to to with copy! Although Dominique is a German Diplom-Kauffrau (Business Graduate) strategic thinking is not her scene. However she loves having creative thoughts and implementing things directly! She finds distraction while doing yoga and jogging or while surfing on Pinterest looking for healthy recipes that do not taste healthy! 😉
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